Medical Skin Rejuvenation
And Anti-aging Treatments

Turn back the clock on your Aging skin. Most changes related to Aging were previously deemed inevitable and irreversible. With the current scientific research and advancements in skin care, there are several effective ways to both prevent early Aging signs and reverse signs of Aging. Our aim is to define “Aging gracefully”. Good skin care is the best approach to preventative ageing - not waiting until the damage is done and trying to repair it. From our 30's on we need different ingredients or formulations to best treat skin and how it's behaving. Our range of skin care formulations address this exact concern. Based out of strong scientific evidence, these ingredients have helped people experience transformative skin care. Our Doctor and team of specialists would recommend what best suits your skin type after a thorough analysis. The scope of anti-aging and rejuvenation procedures offered by Astute Aesthetics Laser clinic includes:

  • Wrinkle treatments
  • Weight Management 
  • Body contouring
  • Skin treatments
  • Vein treatments
  • Nose Reshaping with Injectable Fillers
  • Liquid Face Lift with Injectable Fillers 
  • Botox Cosmetic Injectable for Wrinkles, Fine Lines and instant face lift
  • Stem Cell Therapy

Combinations are the key to skin rejuvenation. The best results for skin rejuvenation are achieved when all causes of aging are addressed, including but not limited to:

  • Proper diet is essential, and avoid excess of tanning and smoking
  • Sun damage must be corrected with topical retinoids, LED therapy, Fractional RF and laser.
  • Dynamic wrinkles can be addressed with Botox. The sooner you start with these treatments, the better.
  • The combination of fillers can achieve natural fullness and more youthful contours dropping years off from your face.

Other popular treatments at our clinic:

  • Hair Removal using Laser or IPL – Especially advantageous when treating larger areas (i.e. legs, back, pubic area)
  • Pigmented Lesion Treatment – based on the type of pigment and the size different energy is used to target the pigmentation in the skin
  • Radiofrequency Rejuvenation and HIFU for an Increase in Collagen
  • Stem cell and growth factor treatment to improve overall skin quality
  • Scar treatments using skin boosters, RF subcision or LASER
  • Facial Contouring and Skin tightening using Fillers, Threads or combination of both