Hair Removal For Excess Hair

Most women have only very fine hair on areas of the skin where men tend to grow thick, dark body hair, such as the upper lip, cheeks, chin, back, chest, and abdomen. But about 8-10 percent of women have a condition called hirsutism, which causes excess hair growth in those areas. Having excess hair is at best annoying and at worst embarrassing. Hair removal using creams, electrolysis, light devices and bleaching are common treatment options, but there are some options with a more permanent solution than the rest.

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

 Laser hair removal is a simple, painless and incredibly effective procedure. Laser hair removal works by using the light from a medical grade laser, to target and heat the hair follicle, destroying interconnectors which connect the hair to the blood supply. This destroys hair at the root, in order to prevent regrowth. As the hair is targeted directly there is no damage to the surrounding tissue.

Laser hair removal safety is clinically tested and FDA approved. This type of treatment has undergone comprehensive testing and trails in order to ensure that this treatment is effective while ensuring the highest level of patient safety at all times. We use TOP end medical grade Diode LASER for guaranteed results.

For long lasting results, we recommend that you have 6-8 treatments but you will notice a visible difference after just 2-3 sessions. Our specialists are highly experienced in Brazilian and Bikini line hair removal too.

What are the advantages over other hair removal methods?

  1. LASER treatments are clinically proven to work. You will see reduction in hair growth after your first session itself.
  2. Prevents Ingrown Hairs and razor rash
  3. Saves you a lot of time trying to shave, trim or wax your own hair
  4. Saves you a lot of money in the Long run
  5. Carefree lifestyle that you always wanted

What are its effects?

However, after the procedure your skin will normally be sensitive for 48 hours; during this time it is recommended that you avoid hot showers, baths, saunas, swimming and direct sunlight. It is also recommended that you refrain from using perfumed products or creams. You should wear loose comfortable clothing. For example if you have had a leg treatments avoid any clothing, such as skinny jeans which causes friction with your skin. It is also normal to experience; blemishes, red marks and itching. These effects will disappear completely after 2-3 days.