For Eyebag Removal


INNO Plus is a combination of RF laser and subcision technique.

Micro-insulated needle will be repeatedly introduced directly to the eye bags to melt the fats. The melted fats will then drain out naturally via our circulatory system.

At the same time, the treatment also tightens and firms the loose skin under the eyes by stimulating collagen production and remodelling after the melted fats are removed.

The cannula is inserted underneath the skin and emits radiofrequencies from the tip which work to remodel collagen and elastic fiber structures, resulting in regenerated and tightened skin as well as improved scars.

Is One Session of Eye Bag Removal Enough?

You should be able to see some results after one session. However, depending on the severity of eye bags, the doctor may recommend you to go for a single treatment or a program of 3 sessions for a longer-lasting result.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The treatment involves using a microneedle to make several micro-wounds on the eye bags to deliver radiofrequency waves to melt the fats repeatedly. You can expect some mild swelling and redness immediately after the treatment.

The downtime of this treatment is about 4-5 days and you should be able to partake in social activities after that.


  • Reduce eye bags Reduce eye bags and puffy eyes
  • Look younger, more awake and bright-eyed
  • Does not conceal the appearance of eye bags but removes them

Recommended For

Those who have visible, big eye bags and wish to remove them via a safe, non-surgical procedure.

It’s one of the most popular procedures available at our clinic, with high patient satisfaction rates and relatively low downtime.