Skin Booster Rejuvenation

Do you feel envious anytime you see the awesome, dewy freshness on the faces of the Koreans? You really don’t need to feel so any loner! The Skin Booster Rejuvenation treatment we provide helps to create bright skin in a natural form, by calmly and naturally smoothening your skin from within. It operates by increasing the hydration inside the skin to give permanent moisture and enhance the surface of the skin.

Skin Booster Rejuvenation is made of stabilized hyaluronic acid that is very essential to a smooth and shining skin. Stabilized hyaluronic acid is a tender, gel-type of substance that ingests water and gives deep skin hydration to the areas that are treated. It is developed for the restoration of the hydration in the skin, bringing about permanent improvement in the quality of the skin. During this process, some different hydrating micro-injections of hyaluronic acid are then injected into the selected skin areas. Hyaluronic acid is made to be capable of smoothening your skin and simultaneously, hold a large amount of moisture right beneath the surface of your skin.

Deep Skin Hydration for
Skins that are more Delicate

The Skin Booster Rejuvenation treatment helps enhances elasticity, skin quality, and lustre. Expect a deep skin hydration that will last for a very long time and a healthy glow, as well.

Hyaluronic acid can be naturally found in the human body and performs the function of maintaining the hydration levels present in the human skin. However, as we grow older, our skin tends to lose fat, water, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. Aside that, the majority of us experience very long hours of stress at work, including the exposure to pollutants and heat. All of these are things that lead to wrinkled, saggy, and dry skin.

The Skin Booster Rejuvenation treatment will help in the replacement of the lost hyaluronic acid that was in the skin and reestablishes the radiance, firmness, and natural hydration of the skin. Hydrated skin is composed of a firm and smooth surface, reflecting light in a way, providing you with an amazing dewy glow on your face. It additionally helps in stimulating collagen production and skin elasticity improvement. The Skin Booster Rejuvenation treatment will likewise help in the reduction of open pores, taking off and soothing away lines, plus restoring your youthful volume and the tone of your skin.


How It Works

Skin booster is put just underneath the surface of your skin with the use of some micro-injections. We employ the generally known Vital Injector device from Korea for the delivery of the best quality medical-grade hyaluronic acid directly into your skin with accuracy, with being sure of optimal depth and dosage together with individual treatment rather than the use of the manual injection with syringe and needle.


  • Well hydrated skin
  • Smoother skin
  • Refine pores and scars
  • Enhanced complexion
  • Enhances wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improvement of skin tone

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What are the skin conditions suitable for using the Skin Booster Rejuvenation treatment

  • Enlarged pores
  • Dry skin
  • Unrefined skin
  • Dull looking wrinkles and fine lines

2.    Do any other types of hyaluronic acids exist?

Absolutely, there are various types of hyaluronic acids present in the market; they differ in chemical properties, purity, and molecular size.

3.    How painful is the treatment?

The pain is individual based. Every patient of ours have has specified that the treatment is exceptionally bearable. For your comfort to be improved during the process of treatment, we usually apply a topical anaesthetic cream to your skin prior to the treatment. Anaestheia is contained in the skin booster too.

4.    Any possible downtime?

Typically, there is no downtime at all; the majority of individuals can proceed with their regular work and other social activities. Nevertheless, there may be unobtrusive injection marks around the face, lasting for less than seven days.

5.    How safe is it?

Hyaluronic acid is exceptionally safe and gentle to the human skin. The process is done with many micro-injections on the surface of the skin. In the direst outcome imaginable, the patient can probably encounter swelling or a few bruising at the completion of the treatment, but they vanish rapidly.

6.    Is the treatment gender restricted?

No! Anyone, both male and female can enjoy this treatment. In a case whereby you are hoping to oppose the ageing procedure, this is the ideal treatment you need. It is an amazing preventive treatment for the smoothness and moisture of your skin to be maintained prior to start of the ageing process.

7.    How durable is it?

The results differ for individuals. Usually, a skin booster normally last for around 6 months.

8.    Is it possible for me to do this treatment regardless of if I’ve done other types of anti-ageing treatments?

Definitely! You can! Skin booster is not just a skin rejuvenation booster alone, it is perfect for the amplification and maintenance of the results obtained from other treatments like the injection of wrinkles and lines, including the rejuvenation of fillers or laser skin. Simultaneously making us of these treatments will give you a durable youth and smooth face.