Tattoo Removal

Perhaps your tattoo is limiting your job options, does not look flattering in pictures or is not as satisfying as it once was, you do not have to carry the regret any longer. Cryosurgery, dermabrasion, excision or even creams have been used for this same purpose, however they are quite ineffective. Tattoos come in different sizes, shapes and colours. Depending on the ink used, the number of colours, needle used, lengthier time the tattoo has been present and the style/technique of tattoo the pigments are deposited into different layers of the skin. This makes tattoo removal a challenge for many.

Laser tattoo removal has become the standard of care for eliminating unwanted ink from your skin. Lasers have become the best option as they mimic how aging and sun light remove pigment from the skin. Using high energy short bursts of light, we can break up the ink into tiny particles that your body’s immune cells carry away naturally. We use TOP grade medical grade Q Switch Nd-YAG LASER, to deliver the best results in the safest and shortest way possible.

What types of tattoos can be removed?

  1. Professional tattoos
  2. Homemade tattoos
  3. Partial removal of tattoos
  4. Cover-up tattoos
  5. Lightening or fading of pre-existing tattoo before a cover-up
  6. Permanent makeup removal
  7. Eyebrow tattoo removal or shaping

What are the effects?

Most patients compare the sensation to having a rubber band snapped against their skin. We use either a topical anaesthetic or lignocaine injection locally to numb your skin. While your tattoo is being removed, you'll barely feel a thing. Some experience redness and swelling. Usually last a few days, and you can go about your normal work and family life immediately after treatment and throughout the process.

How long does the treatment take?

Treatment time varies, however an effective procedure can take only minutes to administer when done by an experienced practitioner.

How many sessions of treatment are required?

Usually 6-12 sessions are needed and the efficacy of each depends on the colour of your skin, the quality and depth of the ink, the size of the tattoo and its location. Over the course of a series of sessions, the targeted tattoo will gradually fade. Once the tattoo has been successfully removed the result is permanent. Due to this variability, it is important to see a physician that is experienced.